From The Wall Street Journal: “Brothers as Keepers of Latin-Jazz Sound ” Zaccai and Luques Curtis

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DECEMBER 10, 2011

“During a recent Symphony Space concert, bassist Andy Gonzalez stepped forward to conduct a few tunes. He passed his instrument to Luques Curtis, whose tone and dexterity soon reflected preternatural skills. The concert, hosted by the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, was a tribute to Mr. Gonzalez and his brother Jerry [probably best know as the core of the Fort Apache Band, who plays congas and trumpet. These siblings of Puerto Rican descent, now in their 60s, represent an empowering bridge between a grand generation of Latin-jazz masters and the younger musicians who now take innate connections between Latin and jazz idioms as mere starting points…

Jerry and Andy Gonzales

“Mr. Curtis belongs to that latter group. So does his older brother Zaccai, a pianist who led a quartet with Mr. Gonzalez two weeks later, at Lehman College. If the Curtises aren’t yet a sibling team worthy of a tribute concert, they nevertheless command attention….”

Zaccai , left, and his brother Luques, right, have shared a passion for Latin jazz for most of their lives.

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