This Week From Hearts of Space:PGM 722R ‘TELHARMONIA’

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
“Amazing, but true: we’ve been inventing electronic instruments and creating electronic music for over 120 years.

Back in 1876, ELISHA GRAY invented the electroharmonic piano; the instrument transmitted musical tones over wires. In 1906, THADDEUS CAHILL invented the Dynamophone, also known as the Telharmonium. It was the first ‘additive’ synthesizer, producing music by use of alternating current generators or ‘dynamos.’ Inconveniently, it weighed over 200 tons! It was designed to transmit sound over telephone wires. Unfortunately, they melted.

We’ve been doing better lately. Today, electronic instruments are ubiquitous and portable, fueling a worldwide boom in electronic music. And it reaches us on the air, on nice plastic discs, and on wires….that don’t melt.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, another ambient journey in electronic sound, called TELHARMONIA. Music is by STEVE ROACH, BRIAN ENO, NUMINA, LIGHTWAVE,and JOHN BROADDUS.

Stephen Hill

From The program:

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