From Nadia Sirota on Q2: “Let’s Make CONTACT!”


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“One of Alan Gilbert’s loveliest initiatives as the music director of the New York Philharmonic these past three seasons has been the CONTACT! series, dedicated to living composers and new works. This year’s series kicked off this past weekend with a concert devoted to the works of Alexandre Lunsqui, Phil composer-in-residence Magnus Lindberg, and HK Gruber, sixty-six percent of whom stopped by the station to chat about their music and their work (that is, Lunsqui and Gruber, not two-thirds of all three, which would be awkward. Like this sentence. Fragment.) This week will be Philtastic, with programming devoted to CONTACT!s past and present.

Maestro Gilbert

Tune in Monday at 12 for my interview with HK Gruber, which brushed on the finer points of kazoo-playing and the difference between Austrian, English, and American orchestral musicians, among other topics.

Also! Speaking of CONTACT!s, this past weekend’s show will be aired in FULL right here on Q2 Music thrice for your listening pleasure! Tune in Wednesday at 8pm, Saturday at noon, or Thursday the 29th at 8pm, or all three times! They are totally playing Frankenstein!!, a piece which shares an aesthetic similarity to the name of the concert series itself, at least insofar as mandatory and enthusiastic punctuation are concerned, which is, as they say, madcap. We’ll also re-air Nico Muhly’s hosting of music from the inaugural CONTACT! series, as well as additional concerts from all of the past seasons. CONTACT! is the secret. Is the moment. [Like, what does that mean, Sensei?]

Nadia Sirota