This Week From Hearts of Space: PGM 967 ‘INTERLUDE’

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
“Consider, dear listeners, the unresolved interval between Christmas and the New Year. 
Some of us work, some don’t. Some socialize with friends and family, some enjoy a good book. A fortunate minority take vacations in warm places; the rest of us return unwanted gifts, make resolutions for the new year, clean out closets, take in a movie, and keep busy to disguise the lack of normal purpose.

In general, it’s an ill-defined and unsettled week in our national calendar until New Year’s eve parties and a massive day of football bring some all-American clarity back to the picture. In the week to come, we start the new year and whatever the ‘new normal’ is.

On this transmission of HEARTS of SPACE we wish you a stellar new year, and bring you a soundtrack for this phantom period on a program called INTERLUDE. Music is by JEFF OSTER, MARK ISHAM, KATHRYN KAYE, TIM STORY, LUDOVICO EINAUDI, BOB HOLROYD, DARSHAN AMBIENT, and introducing JONATHAN HUGH.
Stephen Hill

From the program:

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