From Nadia Sirota @Q2: “Welcome to The Future!”


Nadia Sirota on Q2 streams weekdays at 12:00 noon and midnight at Q2

“Hey there, 2012, you’re looking mighty fine! Every time I cross the threshold of a new year, I cannot help but think of it as a mild miracle of time travel. Remember the first time, in grade school, a classmate bid you farewell for the weekend with the remark ‘see you next year?’ It was mind-blowing!

At least for me. So yes! Now it is The Future, and this inaugural week of The Future is full of things that you, the listener, have told us are your absolute favorites, and know what? You have excellent taste! All the programming this week has been derived from your favorite 50 pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Thanks for making this week a breeze for me! All I have to do is sit back and listen to great music that y’all have chosen. While every piece this week made it into the top 50, we’ll be counting off the top 10 works of the past 100 years or so every day at 2 o’clock.

Oh, and speaking of time travel, this show, like Samoa, has made a small adjustment in our schedule. You can now hear repeat presentations of my show at midnight! It may in fact be undetectable, but like Samoa, we felt it was a good plan. So, Happy New Year! Here’s to more incredible music that has yet to be written! Have you heard your favorite work of 2012 yet??