From Cued Up@Q2: “The Art of Intimacy”


Cued Up On Q2 streams Sundays at 2PM on Q2; encores Tuesdays at 8PM and Thursdays at 4PM on Q2
Intriguing New-Music Works for Chamber Ensembles

“Chamber music carries a unique charm that’s not always as easily experienced while listening to a large-scale orchestral work. The intimate setting of performance creates a close bond between performers and the listener. This week on Cued Up we’ll keep warm from the cold winter weather with compelling chamber music by an assortment of contemporary composers.

This Sunday at 2 p.m. (with repeats Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Thursday at 4 p.m.) join us as we explore the genre of string quartet—one of the most popular chamber ensembles and a favorite of many composers—with Terry Riley’s Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector and Jefferson Friedman’s String Quartet No. 3.

The program will also feature compositions for other forms of chamber ensembles by Judd Greenstein, Aaron Jay Kernis, Sebastian Currier, and David Adam Smith, among others. ”

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Cued Up is hosted by Gity Razaz

Gity Razaz