From Nadia Sirota @Q2: “Composers Speak Out! “


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A Kaleidoscope of Composerly Voices Joins Nadia Sirota


“This is a really special week on the show. While I know you’ve become accustomed to my riffs on the providence of music written by people who are still alive, this week we get to hear about everything – from inspiration to circumstance to execution – right from the mouths of the creators. That’s right, this week I’ll be joined by a dozen or so composers who will guide us through the lion’s share of this week’s programming.

This is all part of a long-term Q2 Music project of gathering composer introductions. We’ve secretly been luring composers to our studios over the past couple years and asking them to contextualize all of the works of theirs we have in our database. At this point, we’ve got quite the library of voices and intros. I honestly think this is some of the most fascinating stuff on the planet! Imagine if we could listen to Beethoven describe his thinking when writing 59/1! Or Monteverdi, whilst penning the Vespers! Something about Monteverdi made me say whilst. And penning.

Ultimately, one of our goals is to have composers guiding you through their music even during un-hosted moments of the Q2 Music stream, effectively creating a sort of semi-hosted, radio-hybrid awesomeness. (There are other plans in the works, but more on that later!) For now, though, I’ll be guiding you through some of the cooler moments of our archive. You never know who may join us…

There’s a ton of amazing stuff to look forward to this week, so be sure to listen in! And let us know which other voices you’d like to hear in the coming months!”

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