From Cued Up at Q2: “The Madness Behind the Scenes “


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Composers share the secrets behind their work
Sunday, January 15, 2012

“n this age of ultimate freedom in creating art, the inspiration and creative process for a piece of music can be just as fascinating as the end product. Composers these days find their inspiration in pretty much anything—from an architectural shape to subway noise, and while they might seem like shy creatures, most of them (including myself) love to share the madness “behind the scenes.”

This week’s Cued-Up, which airs Sunday at 2 pm, features a handful of composers who will share their secrets, from musical ingredients to the meaning behind titles of some of their works recorded live here in New York City.

We’ll hear Gavin Bryars introduce his The Sinking of Titanic—a work that leaves abstract concert music behind to embrace an old memory—and listen to Jacob T.V. discuss the process behind his mesmerizing and kinetic 3rd string. We’ll also hear from Nico Muhly, Michael Gordon, and Steve Reich, sharing their thoughts on some of their most captivating works.”

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Cued Up is hosted by Gity Razaz

Gity Razaz