From Q2 Music: Better Know an Ensemble: Ensemble Amorpha

(Justin Li/flickr)

Q2 Music’s Series Devoted to New Music in New Places:


Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio

“From Q2 Music, Better Know an Ensemble introduces new music in new places, by bringing you in-depth, multimedia-rich portraits of young ensembles from across the globe. Through interviews with ensemble leaders, BKaE examines how groups have gotten started, what they’re working on and the goals they envision for the near future. We launch this series with a portrait of London-based Ensemble Amorpha.

The London based chamber music twelvesome, Ensemble Amorpha, isn’t your average English hat and cane. Besides their commitment to an international array of living composers, they also write and perform much of their own work. Under the direction of Artistic Director, Luke Styles, Ensemble Amorpha has performed concerts at Kings Place and the Austrian Cultural Forum. Between theater, film, circus and dance (POLAR Project) or partnering with Junior Trinity Music College, Ensemble Amorpha is expanding the avenues of accessibility to today’s new music.

Ensemble Amorpha is led by Artistic Director, Luke Styles. The musicians inlude Alexandra Wood, violin; Fiona Winning, viola; Louise McMonagle, cello; Eilidh Gillespie, flute; Timothy Orpen, clarinet; Thomas Lessels, clarinet; Catriona MacKinnon, oboe; Lauren Weavers, oboe; Alison Farr, piano; Erika Ohman, percussion; Damon Lee, electronics; Luke Styles, electronics.”


See the full article here. There is an interview with Luke Styles, a video (approx 15 minutes) and an audio sample.