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Jeremy Haladyna Mayan Time Mayan Tales
Innova #818 Feb 28, 2012

Composers: Jeremy Haladyna
Performers: Jeremy Haladyna, Anthony Paul Garcia, Marjan Riazi, Allison Bernal, Michele Forrest

“The best way to really LISTEN to the end of the Mayan Great Cycle is with this new Innova release by Jeremy Haladyna: Mayan Time/Mayan Tales. On more than a third of this disk, sound bears direct witness to the Maya and their calendars—Mayan notions of time reborn as scales. And atop the scales, tales: of a crystal skull, a fearsome temptress, a still-living bird that saw Creation, and a princess who gave her soul to marimba music. Microtonalism comes to archaeology.”

Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia
Higdon, Clearfield, Primosch: Metamorphosis
Innova #806 Feb 28, 2012

Composers: Jennifer Higdon, Andrea Clearfield, James Primosch
Performers: Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Sanford Sylvan, Alan Harler

“Three original works by contemporary American composers, Andrea Clearfield, Jennifer Higdon and James Primosch, all based in Philadelphia, are featured on the new CD recording of performances by Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia. All three works were commissioned by Mendelssohn Club and premiered in concert with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia over the past five years.”

Philip Blackburn Ghostly Psalms
Innova #246 Feb 28, 2012

Philip Blackburn
Performers: The Choir of Clare College Cambridge, Citizens of Duluth, Philip Blackburn, Ellen Fullman
Theresa Wong, Andy Lo, Wild Music Chorus, Maria Jette, Donald Engstrom
Carrie Henneman Shaw, Gary Verkade, Lars Sjostedt

“Some say that an artist’s output is necessarily autobiographical. This set of three substantial works by UK-Minnesotan Philip Blackburn does nothing to disprove that; they have his visionary DNA all over them. They show his deep concern for space, people, and ideas discovering each other through sounding and listening in the moment of performance. And what performances they are! From a city-wide organized industrial soundscape to a virtuoso Cambridge choir, from a brainwave-generated laptop solo to Ellen Fullman’s 80-foot long string instrument with cloistered nuns blowing on organ pipes, these live events are as audacious as they are unrepeatable: Community-based experimental music at its most raw and refined, fun and profound.”

Innova is the recording arm of American Composers Forum, St Paul Mn.