Coming From Innova: “Wild Songs”,

Innova is the home for New Music in America

Polly Butler Cornelius Wild Songs
Innova #825 Apr 24, 2012

Composers: Steve Heitzeg, Lori Laitman
Performers: Polly Butler Cornelius, Victoria Fischer Faw, Heather Barringer, Patti Cudd

“Contemporary art song is alive and well in the hands of soprano Polly Butler Cornelius and the team she has gathered for Wild Songs; a song recital as suitable for an environmental consciousness-raising event as for the salon. Drawing on impassioned pleas and the enigmatic nature-centered poetry of Emily Dickinson these powerful, lyrical songs charm and chasten.”

Polly Butler Cornelius

Innova is the recording arm of American Composers Forum, St Paul Mn.