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This Week From Hearts Of Space: PGM 971 ‘WINTER HARMONIES’

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
“It seems the farther north you go, the warmer the music. It’s a generalization to be sure, but whether the genre is North Country folk music, classical, jazz, electronics, or some creative hybrid — northern musicians have a history of chasing away the chill with melodies and harmonies that please the ear, warm the heart, and nourish the soul. More often than not those harmonies are consonant, derived from the great European romantic tradition, and extended with love and care.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space…a midwinter collection of instrumentals that bring us that sought-after feeling of warmth and space…on a program called WINTER HARMONIES. Music is by BILL DOUGLAS, SECRET GARDEN, WILLIAM ZEITLER, JEFF PEARCE, KETIL BJORNSTAD & DAVID DARLING, FRANCOIS COUTURIER, THE TYTINGVAG ENSEMBLE, and introducing M.K.SOL.’

Stephen Hill

From the program:

The weekly program is FREE on Sundays

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