From Innova: Glissando-Episode 1.7 – Anna Thorvaldsdottir


Innova is the home for New Music in America

Innova is the recording arm of American Composers Forum, St Paul Mn.


On episode 1.7 we talk to composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir about her work In the Light of Air, which will be performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble at the upcoming Big Ears Festival. We also discuss the music scene in her homeland of Iceland.

Our Deep Cut is Rued Langgaard‘s Music of the Spheres, a stunning work for orchestra and choir that was about fifty years ahead of its time.

Episode 1.7 Sponsor – Innova Recordings

Our sponsor for this episode is Innova Recordings, founded in 1982 by what is now the American Composers Forum. Innova is based out of St Paul, Minnesota, and they specialize in the music of innovative contemporary composers; in fact, they released the debut album from our guest, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, which is titled Rhizoma. Visit to learn more about Innova and their catalog, and also check out the American Composers Forum at

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