From Innova: “OUT NOW! Night Wave: Pianist/composer/improviser Yuko Fujiyama with Susie Ibarra , Jennifer Choi, and Graham Haynes”

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Yuko Fujiyama
Night Wave
Yuko Fujiyama: Woven Colors
That moment on a sidewalk
Yuko Fujiyama
Jennifer Choi
Susie Ibarra
Graham Haynes
Yuko Fujiyama

Catalog Number: #995
Genre: Jazz
Collection: improvisation

Release Date:
Mar 23, 2018

1.Woven Colors 03:18
2.Up Tempo 09:37
3.Romance 01:49
4.Clash 00:59
5.Premonition 03:09
6.Indignation 03:01
7.Fireworks 01:17
8.Beyond the Sound 06:41
9.Waltz of the Shadows 01:11
10.Autumn Whispers 02:53
11.Floating on a Breeze 02:19
12.Leap 01:59
13.Starlight 01:14
14.Night Wave 07:57
15.Tale of the Old Tree 02:55

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