From Mosaic: “Now Available! Classic Brunswick & Columbia Teddy Wilson Sessions 1934-42

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This Is What Swing Is
From The Moment Teddy Wilson Defined It

“His improvisatory genius at the keyboard, and the inspiration that his artistry and deportment radiated – for that alone, Teddy Wilson remains a seminal influence on jazz well into its second century.” – Loren Schoenberg, liner notes.

Mosaic Records is proud to announce the release of “Classic Brunswick and Columbia Teddy Wilson Sessions 1934 -1942.” It’s the most massive volume we’ve ever released featuring Wilson, and it’s a greater selection than we’ve been able to offer previously because we weren’t limited to just his trio work.

Teddy Wilson just flat-out swung, with a left hand that suggested greater harmonic complexity, and a right hand that was truly virtuosic. His command? Elegant. His tempos? Impeccable. His ear, and his ability to anticipate and respond in an ensemble? Almost other-worldly.

There are so many different small “orchestras” featured. One includes Roy Eldridge, Ben Webster, John Kirby, and Cozy Cole. Another features Jonah Jones and Harry Carney. Johnny Hodges makes an appearance in another group setting, as does Benny Goodman with Lionel Hampton. Other all-stars include Pee Wee Russell, Bobby Hackett, Bennie Morton, Bill Colman, Ben Webster, Frankie Newton, and more.

There is so much mre available.


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