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John Schaefer by Marco Antonio

New Sounds is proud to partner with Alarm Will Sound to announce Remixing Matt Marks: an ongoing, crowdsourced tribute celebrating the irrepressible imagination of the late composer-performer.

Matt Marks by Taylor Dixson/Alarm Will Sound

Alarm Will Sound via

Remixing Matt Marks invites composers and producers to indulge in the free-spirited pop sound and irreverent reconstruction of familiar songs for which Marks was known, and remix or cover his song, “A Song for Wade (This is not that song).”

Stems for excerpts from “A Song for Wade (This is not that song)” can be downloaded here. We will post remixes (and any and all musical tributes for that matter) on this page as they come in, alongside a sentence or two description from the contributor. Please send your .mp3 file (under 25 MB) to

A founder of and French horn player in the adventurous ensemble Alarm Will Sound, Marks was a prodigious, at turns subversive and mischievous, composer who often took inspiration from pop music with its over-the-top production value and vocal lines. He penned the raucous orchestral arrangement of the Beatles’ “Revolution 9” for Alarm Will Sound, remixes of George Gershwin and pieces from Disney films, alongside covers of Shania Twain and “Somewhere That’s Green” from Little Shop of Horrors.

His own inimitable brand of twisted, whimsical songwriting can be heard throughout his opera The Little Death Vol.1, a work he called a “post-Christian nihilist pop opera.”

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“For three decades, New Sounds was one of the last bastions of free form FM programming; completely genre-free and dictated solely by the impeccable and irresistible tastes of its host,” said Alex Ambrose, Senior Producer, New Sounds. “ will usher that sense of discovery and unpredictability into the digital age, drawing on the best of New York’s curatorial and taste-making power.”

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