From National Sawdust: “Karole Armitage”

From National Sawdust

National Sawdust

Karole Armitage from New York Live Arts

presents “Art of the In-Between” performed by Armitage Gone! Dance

Renowned choreographer and “punk ballerina” Karole Armitage and her company, Armitage Gone! Dance, present Art of the In-Between, a riotous celebration of Mexico’s rich mixture of Indigenous and European cultures. This event is part of the Celebrate Mexico Now Festival. The evening opens with Día de los Muertos, a subversive comedy of screwball surrealism featuring a gang of dancing skeletons. Donkey Jaw Bone follows, taking inspiration from Lucha Libre, Mexico’s theatrical wrestling form that sits between ritual and parody, politics and spectacle.

All of the music for the evening will be played on traditional Mexican instruments that predate the arrival of Christopher Columbus, breaking down the divide between present and past in a show that throws restrictive dividing lines to the winds.

ARMITAGE GONE! DANCE (AG!D) Over the past 30 years, Karole Armitage and her dancers have shaped the evolution of contemporary dance through the creation and performance of new works. The most recent incarnation of the company, Armitage Gone! Dance, was launched in 2004 when Karole Armitage returned to the US after 15 years of working abroad. AG!D is known for its collaborations with innovators in music, science, and the visual arts. Dedicated to redefining the boundaries and perception of contemporary dance, the company extends the mandate of innovation that characterizes both her earlier Armitage Ballet, founded in 1985, and her first full time company, Armitage Gone!, founded in 1979. Having worked as a choreographer for Cirque du Soleil, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and on Broadway, Armitage’s interests are wide ranging, mixing the popular with the esoteric and the traditions of ballet with modern dance. The company regularly performs to live music, and has commissioned numerous scores since its debut. The company creates works on a wide range of subjects from punk to African aesthetics and Commedia dell’Arte, as well as fashion and popular dance forms with a strong commitment to work inspired by science. The core of the company’s work centers on a series of dance “dreamscapes” that take the viewer on a poetic journey to evoke mysterious landscapes of reverie, dream, and altered consciousness. The work is based on ballet from a fractal perspective with daily company class followed by a six-hour rehearsal. Known for their free–spirited panache, the company members of Armitage Gone! Dance bring unique flavors and strong personality to the stage, contributing to the choreographic process in collaboration with Armitage.

Saturday 20 October 10:00pm
9:30pm doors • 10pm show

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