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Stephen Hill

About this program from Hearts of Space Stephen Hill tells us:
In 35 years of Hearts of Space, there’ve only been a handful of occasions when we devoted an entire program to a single album or composition. This week we do it with a superb collaboration between Iranian singer MAHSA VAHDAT and Norway’s 50 voice SKRUK CHOIR, under the direction of PER ODDVAR HILDRE, with music and arrangements by the great Norwegian pianist TORD GUSTAVSEN from the album I VINENS SPEIL—In the Mirror of Wine.

It’s a journey across time, space, and culture, a moving encounter between traditional Persian songs, Norwegian church music, and jazz. A program called EAST MEETS NORTH, on this transmission of Hearts of Space.

Brevet Til Vinbaereren 02:16 >
Gleden Ved Ditt Kyss 06:50 >
Dialog Med Den Elskede 11:57 >
Som Et Brennende Lys 19:11 >
I Vinens Speil 28:08 >
Den Tapte Josef 33:50 >
Jeg Er Den Som Er Beromt 39:30 >
Hyll Kjaerligheten 46:12 >
Lytt Til Floytens Fortelling 52:40 >
Brevet Til Vinbaereren 58:59 >
: I VINENS SPEIL ; Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD 360; 2010
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PRODUCED BY : Stephen Hill and Steve Davis

From the program:

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