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    From Q2 Music: “Michael Tilson Thomas and John Adams in The Greene Space” in March 2012 


    Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio

    “On Monday, March 26 at 7 pm, Q2 Music welcomes San Francisco Symphony music director Michael Tilson Thomas, composer John Adams and the St. Lawrence String Quartet to The Greene Space for an evening of music and conversation about America’s great iconoclastic composers. WQXR’s David Garland and Q2 Music’s Nadia Sirota host the event.

    Michael Tilson Thomas

    John Adams

    David Garland

    Nadia Sirota

    Tilson Thomas’s appearance in The Greene Space comes during a four-city tour by the San Francisco Symphony, which focuses on American Mavericks, the orchestra’s ongoing multimedia initiative that started in 2000 with an acclaimed summer festival and later evolved into a public radio series and Web site. Composers covered in the series include John Cage, Steve Reich, Edgard Varèse, Terry Riley, Meredith Monk, John Adams and others. The series has raised questions about what — and who — exactly defines the maverick spirit in American music throughout history.

    Michael Tilson Thomas became Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony in September 1995; he’s received numerous accolades including 10 Grammy Awards, a Peabody for Radio Programming in 2008 for The MTT Files (a co-production with American Public Media), and in 2010, a National Medal of the Arts from President Obama.”

    See the full article here.

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    From The New Canon at Q2: “Lunaire Eclipse with Steven Mackey” 


    The New Canon streams Fridays at 1PM on Q2 Music; encore presentations Wednesdays at 10AM and Sundays at 8PM on Q2.

    Celebrating 100 Years of Schoenberg’s Game-Changer
    Friday, February 03, 2012

    “On The New Canon this week, we celebrate the centennial of Schoenberg’s revolutionary Pierrot Lunaire with composer Steven Mackey, asking him on the eve of his own Pierrot homage: How much did one work rock the classical world?

    Steve Mackey

    Even if the world doesn’t end, 2012 is set to be a pretty banner year with a number of benchmarks to celebrate—including the 100th year of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, a landmark that our parent station WQXR deemed one of the year’s top five special anniversaries. There’s a lot being done to fête the forever-young work by everyone from Pierre Boulez to eighth blackbird.

    Getting a head-start on the work’s October birthday is Philly-based Dolce Suono Ensemble, which makes its New York debut with newly-commissioned works celebrating Schoenberg (and Mahler!). With so much still owed to one work, we talk with one of these commissioned composers—Steven Mackey—about how the face of music was changed in the scope of 40 minutes. We’ll also hear from Mackey’s own Grammy-nominated work against sections from Pierrot as we explore this lasting legacy.”

    See the full post here, with some neat interactive utilities.

    The New Canon on Q2 is hosted by Olivia Giovetti

    Olivia Giovetti

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    From Q2 Music: “Celebrate Philip Glass at 75 with his Symphony No. 9” 


    Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio

    Celebrate Philip Glass at 75 with his Symphony No. 9
    The New York Iconic Composer Tackles the Infamous Ninth Symphony

    Philip Glass

    On January 31, 2012 at 4 pm, Q2 Music celebrates the 75th birthday of iconic, New York composer Philip Glass with a premiere Webcast of his Symphony No. 9 with conductor Dennis Russell Davies and the Bruckner Orchester Linz. Only released today to coincide with his 75th birthday and the American Composers Orchestra’s Carnegie Hall concert celebration, Glass’s Symphony No. 9 comes during a remarkably fruitful and diverse anniversary year, which includes countless premieres, recordings and the revival of his landmark opera Einstein on the Beach.

    We hope you’re excited as we are to hear how Glass has tackled the infamous ninth symphony. If you get a chance to listen in, visit the web page for this program and leave your thoughts and reactions.

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    From Q2 Live Concerts: “Michael Gordon’s Decasia: Live from World Financial Center Winter Garden “ 


    Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio


    “On Friday, February 3 at 7:30 pm ET, Q2 Music and New Sounds Live team up again for another live audio Webcast of live scores to the silent films of acclaimed American filmmaker Bill Morrison. Tonight, enjoy Michael Gordon’s riveting score to Morrison’s 2002 masterpiece, Decasia, as performed by The Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble at World Financial Center Winter Garden. The evening will be hosted by John Schaefer of WNYC’s New Sounds Live.

    Michael Gordon

    John Schaefer

    Hailed as a “stirring, haunting modern masterpiece…” by The Guardian, the 72 minute Decasia is an evocative assemblage of deteriorating, black and white video footage over which Gordon has pieced together a texture of detuned piano and out-of-phrase orchestral sonorities.”

    See the full post here, including an audio of the composer speaking about the composition.

    [A personal note: this is one of my favorite pieces of music. I think that I first heard it on wnyc2, the predecessor of Q2. I bought it in .mp3 while it was still being streamed.]

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    From Cued Up at Q2: “Philip Glass at 75” 


    Cued Up On Q2 streams Sundays at 2PM on Q2; encores Tuesdays at 8PM and Thursdays at 4PM on Q2

    Live Performances by Wordless Music Orchestra, Brooklyn Rider, JACK Quartet, and More
    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    “There’ll be no shortage of Philip Glass news in 2012. This year will feature the touring revival of his seminal opera Einstein on the Beach. And on January 31, the game-changing American music icon will celebrate his 75th birthday with the U.S. premiere of his Symphony No. 9 by the American Composers Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

    Philip Glass

    This week’s Cued Up features in-concert recordings of Glass’s work taken from the last two years. We’ll open with a mesmerizing 2010 performance of his Two Etudes by pianist Bruce Brubaker, and hear energetic live takes of his Suite from Bent by string quartet Brooklyn Rider (chosen by (Le) Poisson Rouge as one of the venue’s favorite live performance of 2011) and String Quartet No. 5 by the JACK Quartet.

    In addition, the program features the New York-premiere of Glass’s homage to David Bowie—Symphony No. 4 Heroes—as performed by Brad Lubman and the Wordless Music Orchestra at the New York Society of Ethical Culture in May 2011.

    We’ll also hear two pieces by Glass’s disciple Nico Muhly: Brubaker’s 2011 performance of Drones and Piano at the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival and Wish You Were Here from the 2011 Ecstatic Music Festival (on a related note, remember to check out Q2 Music’s Ecstatic Music 2012 Preview this Wednesday, February 1 at 7 pm).”

    See the full article here.

    This week, Cued Up on Q2 is hosted by Olivia Giovetti

    Olivia Giovetti

    Gity Razaz

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    From The New Canon at Q2: “Ecstatic Electricity with Christopher Tignor” 


    The New Canon streams Mondays at 4PM on Q2; encore presentations Wednesdays at 10AM and Sundays at 8PM on Q2.

    Straddling the Divide between Indie Rock and Indie Classical

    “On The New Canon this week, we chat with composer and Slow Six bandleader Christopher Tignor in advance of his performance with the genre-bending Ecstatic Music Festival, begging the question: Do we really need to distinguish between Indie Rock and Indie Classical?

    Last year’s Ecstatic Music Festival was the bee’s knees and the dog’s bollocks, combining music from the independently-fueled classical and rock spheres and creating a veritable who’s who of the New York music scene. The idea was simple: Showing the connective tissue between these two seemingly disparate genres, but when you really chewed on all that was on offer, you started to wonder if there was more tissue than negative space and whether or not we really needed to distinguish between the two forms.

    One of the champions of such world-rocking questions is Christopher Tignor, a composer and bandleader of Slow Six who rocks out classical and brings some epic symphonic measures to rock. With the return of EMF (including a show on Feb 9 with string orchestra A Far Cry and post-rock powerhouse This Will Destroy You), we pull Christopher into the Canon.”

    The New Canon on Q2 is hosted by Olivia Giovetti

    Olivia Giovetti

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    From Nadia Sirota on Q2: “China in New York” 


    Nadia Sirota on Q2 streams weekdays at 12:00 noon and midnight at Q2


    New Music in New Places: Celebrating the China in New York Festival on Q2 Music

    “Kung Hei Fat Choi! When I was in kindergarten, my super awesome teachers Ms. Danielson and Ms. Doane had us bring in paper bags, in which we cut holes three holes (a big one in the very bottom and two smaller ones on the sides), adorned with construction paper scales, and pulled over our heads to march down the hallway of our school as a giant, kindergartener-fueled Lunar New Year dragon. It was pretty much the best day of kindergarten.

    It’s now the year of the DRAGON, an especially lucky year, and Q2 Music is going to help you ring it in with TONS of new music by Chinese and Chinese-American composers. Our parent station, WQXR, is hosting the China in New York Festival this week, and it is chock full of amazing radio events, from Greene Space concerts to the New York Philharmonic’s Chinese New Year performance. Over here, true to our goal of learning about new works straight from the artists’ mouths, we are featuring special guest, composer Huang Ruo, each weekday at the top of my show (12 to 1 pm), to interview some of his favorite colleagues. You won’t want to miss this!!

    Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year! Come celebrate with Q2 Music and WXQR!”

    Nadia Sirota

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    From Q2 Music: China In New York Festival 


    Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio


    “As part of our China in New York festival, composer Huang Ruo interviews a different Chinese-born composer who has lived in the United States and become prominent to New York City audiences. Hear these interviews Monday, January 23 to Friday, January 27 12 noon with repeats at 7 pm on Q2 Music.

    Monday, January 23 at 12 noon and 7pm: Zhou Long
    Tuesday, January 24 at 12 noon and 7 pm: Du Yun
    Wednesday, January 25 at 12 noon and 7 pm: Lei Liang
    Thursday, January 26 at 12 noon and 7 pm: Chou Wen-chung
    Friday, January 27 at 12 noon and 7 pm: Min Xiao-fen ”

    Hosted by Huang Ruo

    Huang Ruo

    See the full article here.

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    From Q2 Music: Better Know an Ensemble: Ensemble Amorpha 

    (Justin Li/flickr)

    Q2 Music’s Series Devoted to New Music in New Places:


    Q2 is the 24/7 New Music Stream from New York Public Radio

    “From Q2 Music, Better Know an Ensemble introduces new music in new places, by bringing you in-depth, multimedia-rich portraits of young ensembles from across the globe. Through interviews with ensemble leaders, BKaE examines how groups have gotten started, what they’re working on and the goals they envision for the near future. We launch this series with a portrait of London-based Ensemble Amorpha.

    The London based chamber music twelvesome, Ensemble Amorpha, isn’t your average English hat and cane. Besides their commitment to an international array of living composers, they also write and perform much of their own work. Under the direction of Artistic Director, Luke Styles, Ensemble Amorpha has performed concerts at Kings Place and the Austrian Cultural Forum. Between theater, film, circus and dance (POLAR Project) or partnering with Junior Trinity Music College, Ensemble Amorpha is expanding the avenues of accessibility to today’s new music.

    Ensemble Amorpha is led by Artistic Director, Luke Styles. The musicians inlude Alexandra Wood, violin; Fiona Winning, viola; Louise McMonagle, cello; Eilidh Gillespie, flute; Timothy Orpen, clarinet; Thomas Lessels, clarinet; Catriona MacKinnon, oboe; Lauren Weavers, oboe; Alison Farr, piano; Erika Ohman, percussion; Damon Lee, electronics; Luke Styles, electronics.”


    See the full article here. There is an interview with Luke Styles, a video (approx 15 minutes) and an audio sample.

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    From The New Canon at Q2: “Riverrun” 


    The New Canon streams Mondays at 4PM on Q2; encore presentations Wednesdays at 10AM and Sundays at 8PM on Q2.

    “While I’m out of town this week, I thought it would be only apt to aim the Canon at composer Eve Beglarian. In a ridiculously cool project a few years in the making, Eve has taken one of her own recent trips—a four-month journey down the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota, to New Orleans—and turned it into a sprawling musical work entitled River Project. The composition will be presented at Abrons Art Center this month, and brings everyone from violinist Mary Rowell to Newspeak to Taylor Levine into the water.

    Eve Beglarian

    In celebration of that and to cure your mid-January blahs with a bit of wanderlust, we’ll set sonic sail with Eve this week moving from chilly, northern works down to more balmy and heady music.”

    See the full article here.

    The New Canon on Q2 is hosted by Olivia Giovetti

    Olivia Giovetti

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