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    From NEWMUSICUSA: “Fragility : An Exploration of Polyrhythms” 06/09/2018 — 07/01/2018 


    Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms is a new work that mines the dimensions of rhythm through music, dance, physics, and technology.

    Project Created By
    Susie Ibarra
    New York, New York

    Susie Ibarra. No image credits found

    Composer/Percussionist Susie Ibarra creates live and immersive music that explores rhythm , indigenous practices and interaction with cities and the natural world. Ibarra is a Yamaha, Paiste and Vic Firth Drum Artist. She is a 2014 TEDSenior Fellow. Ibarra premieres a new project this year 2017 DreamTime Ensemble, with a forthcoming new album on Decibel Collective titled Perception, a collection of pieces around the idea of finding unfixed meaning in sensory experiences and interaction in ones environment . Her work includes , Musical Water Routes in the Medina of Fez, a music and river route mobile app in collaboration with architect Aziza Chaouni May 2016 Sacred Music Festival of Fez, Mirrows and Water, a composition and sonic installation commissioned for Ai Wei Wei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Signs at the sculpture trail of the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming 2015; Digital Sanctuaries, a modular music app walk that remaps cities with sanctuaries of music and engages with historical and cultural sites within a city with music composed by Electric Kulintang commissioned by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and City of Asylum Pittsburgh; Circadian Rhythms, commissioned for Earth Day 2013 at Renssalear RPI EMPAC inspired by endogenous rhythms for 80 percussionists and 8.1 surround sound of Macaulay Library recordings; The City a Radio Radiance commission for Young Peoples Chorus of NYC; We Float, a 2014 commission by Ecstatic Music Festival with singer songwriter Mirah, a sonic retelling of space explorations; and The Cotabato Sessions , a digital music film and album that captures one family legacy of gong-chime kulintang music in Mindanao, Philippines . She is a Faculty member at Bennington College where she teaches Performance, Percussion, and at the Center for Advancement of Public Action. Her teaching at the Center focuses on her work in rebuilding cities with the arts, art intervention and advocacy for human rights extended equally to women and girls. susieibarra.com

    SO thrilled to have the premiere of Fragility installed and performed at the Starr Gallery , Asia Society Museum in NY. I am very grateful to the performers, surround sound , set and lighting designers, tech team and producers. The polyrhythmic game piece and all the pieces came out so very well with everyone!


    We play polyrhythms everyday by recognizing and allowing our bodies and minds to move and think in multiple ways. I am interested in how physically playing polyrhythms in music taps into our intuition . The ability to understand something immediately allows us to be fully present. I find this to be a heightened experience that gives us a greater awareness for people and our surroundings , while allowing us to hear and see a larger world.

    Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms is a new work that mines the dimensions of rhythm through music, dance, physics, and technology, created by composer/drummer Susie Ibarra.

    Ibarra will be joined by performing choreographer/dancers Souleymane Badolo and Yanan Yu in live experimentation. Their investigations form the core of a groundbreaking new interactive game commissioned by Asia Society and developed with Pioneer Works to be premiered in June 2018 on Governors Island NYC and at the Starvos Niachos Cultural Center in Athens. Ibarra is composing an electro-acoustic score for 8.1 surround sound multi-channel installation with live music performed by her 6 piece band DreamTime Ensemble ( violin, cello, voice, guitar/piano, electronics and percussion) .

    The dance is choreographed and improvised movement utilizing a custom built motion capture software and features multi-percussion compositions with strings and electronics by Ibarra. Dancers interacting with the polyrhythms follow delicate parameters that shift in response to the music. One piece will allow for audience members to play with motion capture technology in a movement improvisation led by Susan Sgorbati. Ibarra experiments with how to relate chaos theory, symmetry, and Conway’s game of life to polyrhythms in the creation of this new work.

    Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms is created in collaboration with choreographer Susan Sgorbati, physicist Bernard Grossman, performing choreographer/dancers Souleymane Badolo and Yanan Yu, sound engineer and sound design by Justin Frye, interactive programming by Tommy Martinez and Greg Fox.

    See the full article here .

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    At NEWMUSICUSA we see ourselves first and foremost as advocates. Our mission is to support and promote new music created in the United States. We do that in many ways, fostering connections, deepening knowledge, encouraging appreciation, and providing financial support. In recognition of the possibility and power inherent in the virtual world, we’ve worked to build a strong internet platform to serve our constituency. And that constituency is broad and diverse, from composers and performers to presenters and producers, casual listeners to die-hard fans. We’re truly committed to serving the WHOLE new music community.

    As we go about our work, we make a point of not defining too precisely what we mean by new music. To define is to limit. It’s a spectacular time for musical creativity in part because so much music is being made that isn’t bound by conventional limitations of style or genre or background. The music that we hear being created in such abundance all around us is definition enough. We simply want it to flourish.

    We’re fortunate to have as our legacy the history of previous decades of good works done by the American Music Center and Meet The Composer, the two great organizations that merged to form us in 2011. Their legacies have also brought a small financial endowment that mostly helps support our grantmaking. But we’re not a foundation. We depend decisively each year on the generosity of so many institutions and individuals around the country who are dedicated as we are to the advancement of new music and are devoted to supporting our work.

    New Music USA is part of an international community of advocates for the arts. We’re members of the Performing Arts Alliance, the International Association of Music Information Centres, and the International Society for Contemporary Music. Those partnerships help us represent the interests of our constituents at every level.

    No matter how far ranging our networks, our focus is always solidly on what brings these many constituents and communities together in the first place: the music. When someone uses our platform to listen to something new, recommend a favorite to a friend, or to seek financial assistance or information to support the creation or performance of new work, the whole community is strengthened. Together we’re helping new music reach new ears every day.
    Our Vision

    We envision in the United States a thriving, interconnected new music community that is available to and impactful for a broad constituency of people.
    Our Mission

    New Music USA supports and promotes new music created in the United States. We use the power of virtual networks and people to foster connection, deepen knowledge, encourage appreciation, and provide financial support for a diverse constituency of practitioners and appreciators, both within the United States and beyond.

    Our Values
    We believe in the fundamental importance of creative artists and their work.
    We espouse a broad, inclusive understanding of the term “new music.”
    We uphold and embrace principles of inclusivity and equitable treatment in all of our activity and across our nation’s broadly diverse population in terms of gender, race, age, location, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status and artistic practice.

    John Schaefer

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    newsounds.org from New York Public Radio


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    From Innova: “OUT NOW! Night Wave: Pianist/composer/improviser Yuko Fujiyama with Susie Ibarra , Jennifer Choi, and Graham Haynes” 

    Innova is the home for New Music in America

    Innova is the recording arm of American Composers Forum, St Paul Mn.



    Yuko Fujiyama
    Night Wave
    Yuko Fujiyama: Woven Colors
    That moment on a sidewalk
    Yuko Fujiyama
    Jennifer Choi
    Susie Ibarra
    Graham Haynes
    Yuko Fujiyama

    Catalog Number: #995
    Genre: Jazz
    Collection: improvisation

    Release Date:
    Mar 23, 2018

    1.Woven Colors 03:18
    2.Up Tempo 09:37
    3.Romance 01:49
    4.Clash 00:59
    5.Premonition 03:09
    6.Indignation 03:01
    7.Fireworks 01:17
    8.Beyond the Sound 06:41
    9.Waltz of the Shadows 01:11
    10.Autumn Whispers 02:53
    11.Floating on a Breeze 02:19
    12.Leap 01:59
    13.Starlight 01:14
    14.Night Wave 07:57
    15.Tale of the Old Tree 02:55

    See the full article here .

    For new music by living composers

    John Schaefer

    newsounds.org from New York Public Radio

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    Please visit The Jazz Loft Radio project from New York Public Radio

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